Free Shipping in the United States


Free Shipping in the United States


Is shopping on Saki Shears safe and secure?
Where are my products shipped from?
How do I return my product?
How long is my warranty?
What if I don't like my product?
What is the difference between Saki Katana Hair Shears and Saki Katana Thinning Shears?
Do I need to be authorized before distributing Saki Shears products?
How can I pay?

Ordering from Saki Shears

Is shopping on Saki Shears safe and secure?

Yes of course, any credit card information you enter on Saki Shears is securely encrypted by industry-standard protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Saki Shears uses SSL to communicate with secure browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape. These browsers encrypt your credit card and personal information in a way that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to intercept and misuse while being transmitted between your computer and our server. If your browser is not secure, you will not be able to purchase on Saki Shears.

Shipping Information

Where are my products shipped from?

We have warehouses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong so your product will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you.

Do you provide international shipping?

Yes, we can ship to almost any country, to see which countries we ship to please visit our shipping details page.

How do I track my order?

To track your package, sign in here, go to "My Account" and review your Order History. If your item has shipped, tracking information will be added to your account.

Why does my order still show as processing?

If your order says "Processing", it is being prepared for shipping. If it says "Shipped", we've handed it off to a shipping carrier and you can view any available tracking information in your account.

Can I ship to a different address than my billing address?

Yes, you can and will have this option during checkout.

What are basic shipping costs?

We offer Free Shipping on all orders with standard delivery worldwide.

How much is international shipping?

Free, we offer worldwide shipping at no extra cost. Please note that shipping to some countries can take up to 2 weeks. For more information on international shipping please visit our shipping details page.

Will I pay sales tax or customs on my international order? Depending on your Country’s customs policy, yes, you may be charged tax or customs on your package. If you are located in the following countries you will not be charged: Canada, the United States, Colombia, China, and the United Kingdom.

What if I cannot be there to accept my parcel upon delivery?

If you are not around to accept your parcel, the carrier will leave a card with details as to where your parcel is. You can then contact them to arrange a mutually convenient time to re-deliver or alternatively arrange collection from a local post office.

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return my product?

Important* Please DO NOT send the item back to the same address you received it from without contacting us first.

1. For returns, please send your receipt and give your reason for return to cs@sakishears.ca. We will reply and let you know what steps to follow.

2. If possible, reuse your original shipping box and packing materials to secure the item(s).

3. Please return the item in the same condition in which you received it.

4. Unfortunately, we cannot refund orders received later than 21 days from the original purchase date.

My package arrived damaged, what do I do?

If your package arrived damaged please contact customer service ASAP so that we can take care of the situation accordingly and get a new product delivered to you right away. Please visit our contact page for phone and email information.

How will I know my return has been received?

As soon as your return has been processed by our warehouse, you will receive an updated email as confirmation of your return.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive this email within 15 days of posting your parcel to us, please get in touch with Customer Service and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have returned your parcel using a service that can be tracked, please provide the reference number and carrier when you contact us.

How do I receive my refund?

Refunds will be made to the card used for the original transaction. Please allow 3-5 business days for the amount to post to your account after refunding. If you paid using PayPal then your PayPal account will be credited accordingly.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order passes our initial security measures it is immediately sent to our distribution centre to be dispatched. While we will aim to accommodate any order changes or cancellation requests but we cannot guarantee these can be actioned.

Do you have an extended returns policy over the Christmas period?

Yes, because we understand that Christmas can be a busy time of year, we have an extended returns policy. Orders placed between the 1st of November and the 24th of December, may be returned at any time until the 1st of February.


How long is my warranty?

Please visit the product page of the product you are interested in to see the length of the warranty for your product.

What does the warranty cover?

Warranty will cover all items that are damaged. Items that are dropped or mistreated are not covered by the warranty.

Our Guarantee

What if I don't like my product?

If for any reason, you're not satisfied with Saki, simply return the product within 21 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price.

Saki Katana FAQs

What is the difference between Saki Katana Hair Shears and Saki Katana Thinning Shears?

Saki Katana Thinning shears feature a pair of pivoted blades in the same way as our hair shears however one blade has teeth on the edge like a comb which is used to reduce hair thickness, add texture and/or blend the hair.

Why is it important to clean my Scissors?

Cleaning your shears is important for both sanitary and performance reasons. Chemicals from hair products, hair and dirt can stick to your shears causing corrosion, dulling and pitting. Keeping your shears clean will give you a longer lasting shear which will perform at its best at all times.

How should I clean my Saki Katana Scissors?

To clean your shears use a dry, soft cloth to wipe them clean after every use. Wipe the blades carefully, away from the cutting edge, as well as be sure to wipe the ‘ride’ area (where your shears meet at the pivot) as hair can get trapped here. It is also important that you sanitize your shears after every haircut . Alcohol is preferred over barbicide as barbicide can cause damage to your shears by robbing them of lubricant. Always make certain that your shears are completely dry before using them.

How often should I oil my Saki Katana Scissors?

It is recommended that you oil your professional hair shears once per week. After cleaning your shears apply a small amount of shear lubricant or quality scissor oil to the pivot screw. Apply the lubricant while the shears are open and then gently open and close the blades so that the oil works its way into the washer. Wipe any excess oil down the blades using a soft cloth.

How should I store my Shears?

Store your shears in a breathable container, case, wallet or on a stand that is professionally designed for storing hair shears. Properly storing your shears when they are not in use is important in order to avoid damage and nicks to your scissors.

How long should my Saki Katana Scissors last?

Along with proper care and maintenance, your Saki Shears have been specifically designed to last you many years. The Japanese 440C Stainless Steel and titanium coating are amongst the list of features which provide you with a long lasting professional shear.

What is an ‘Ergonomic’ Shear?

As a stylist you put a lot of stress on the hand, arm, shoulder and back every time you cut hair.

An ergonomic scissor is designed to help relieve stress and tension to these areas by allowing you to cut in a more natural position. An ergonomic shear can both prevent and reduce the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or bursitis.

Become a Distributor

Do I need to be authorized before distributing Saki Shears products?

Yes, any company wishing to distribute Saki Shears products must be authorized first.

How do I become an authorized Saki Shears distributor?

If you are interested in becoming an authorized Saki Shears Distributor please contact us at cs@sakishears.ca for more information.

Other FAQs

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal.

Where can I buy offline?

You can buy from one of our authorized distributors.

Do you offer discounts for Professionals?

Yes we do. If you are a professional please contact us for more information on discounts and wholesale prices.

Do you have a distributor in my country?

See our list of authorized distributors here.